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Light Weight PLA

Light Weight PLA

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Spectrum Light Weight PLA is a modern filament based on PLA. The uniqueness of this material results from the use of innovative active foaming technology, activated by temperature.

At the expansion peak, the filament increases its volume by over 2 times, reaching an extremely low density of approximately 0.52 g/cm3. This material gives you incredible flexibility in regulating material flow, allowing it to be reduced by up to 55%. This, in turn, allows you to 3D-print objects with significantly reduced weight. Additionally, it is possible to use the foaming ability to speed up the 3D printing process by using thicker layers or single, solid outlines.

The speed and level of foaming can be controlled by adjusting the printing temperature, which allows you to adjust the density of the material for various elements depending on your needs. This filament is an excellent solution for printing RC airplane models and other projects where low weight is crucial. Using Spectrum Light Weight PLA leads to a significant reduction in the weight of 3D-printed parts, up to 50% compared to traditional PLA.

The unique properties of this filament allow you to enjoy not only low weight, but also exceptional durability and precision of prints. The matte and rough surface finish provides an attractive appearance for the prints and effectively masks the layers.

Foaming is activated at a printing temperature of 220°C and should reach its peak in the temperature range of 240°C – 250°C. Please remember that if the flow coefficient is significantly reduced, the filament may foam before leaving the nozzle and the extruder may become clogged. The color will become slightly lighter, when the material is fully foamed.

Material characteristics

  • Significant reduction in the weight of printed parts, up to 50%
  • Active foaming technology
  • Customizable material density
  • One spool of Light Weight PLA can yield the same number of prints as two spools of standard PLA due to significantly reduced flow
  • Matte finish that highly reduce layers visibility
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