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High resolution lens

High resolution lens

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Enjoy clearer and more detailed laser cuttings and engravings with this high resolution laser lens. It fits on any standard CO2 laser machine, making it a great addition to your toolset.

This complete set provides an easy transition from the standard to the high resolution CO2 laser lens. It includes a lens, holder, and spacer - making installation a breeze! Simply unscrew the standard laser holder from the laser head and replace it with the high-resolution laser lens. Adjust the height with the height tool and you'll ready to begin laser cutting or engraving with your default laser settings.

You may want to reduce laser power to get the most from your engraving/cutting. Try different engraving speeds and line spacing for the best results. To get the clearest laser beam, use the included height tool for manual focus height adjustment instead of the auto-focus feature.

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