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Desktop CO2 Laser Machine – LITE2+

Desktop CO2 Laser Machine – LITE2+

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Discover the LITE2 series, an ideal entry-level CO2 laser machine for any laser engraving and cutting! It delivers 60W of laser power as standard and provides the power and flexibility you desire to make your projects a reality. This tabletop model requires minimal space, so you can conveniently position it in your workspace without lowering quality. Moreover, it's laser class 1: safe in all scenarios. The LITE40W is available for those mainly interested in engraving and the LITE400x400mm if you require a larger work bed.

  • Laser engraving from wood, leather, cardboard, glass and plastics
  • Laser cutting from thin (up to 3-5mm) wood, leather, textiles and plastics
  • Easy to operate
  • Motorized focus height setting for quick and easy switching between materials
  • Work surface of 600 x 400mm or 400 x 400mm 
  • Honeycomb bed
  • Red point laser for easy positioning and checking of laser assignment on the workpiece
  • Suitable for home use or start-ups
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