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Brush-On Coating

Brush-On Coating

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XTC-3D is the perfect solution to get a smooth finish for your 3D prints. Just mix the two liquids at a 2A:1B ratio and apply to your model with a brush - it's that easy! The resin will self-level itself for a perfect, brushstroke-free look.

Processing takes 10 mins, and curing can take up to 4 hrs (depending on amount & temp).

The XTC-3D epoxy allows your model to become impact-resistant and hard, ready to sand and paint if desired. You can even mix in colour pigments or metal effect powders for a more customized look!

XTC-3D can be used to coat any 3D printing material, such as PLA, ABS, or wood filament. Plus, any other hard 3D printing material can be sealed with XTC-3D.

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