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Introducing Blu by Siraya Tech

Key Material Properties:

  • Great for making functional parts
  • Formulated for LCD resin printer but can work for DLP printers
  • Fast and Easy to Print. Best when resin temperature is above 25°C
  • Smooth surface with great resolution
  • Easy to wash, post cure, paint and sand

An easy to use tough resin that performs under stress. The material properties are balanced between strength and hardness. Siraya Tech Blu resin is ideal for making functional parts that are strong yet with some flexibility. Unlike many resins on the market that are too brittle to handle even the slightest drop, Blu Clear has excellent mechanical properties that can withstand forces without breaking easily. We were able to make a hook with it and pull up 20 kg weight without breaking.

Blu Clear has the almost same formulation as Blu and is designed to print fast with a high success rate on LCD/DLP printers. (not developed for laser SLA) Unlike many engineering resins, it is very easy to clean with common alcohols and post cures quickly as well. It has excellent resolution, primes well and is used by model makers to create sculptures as art pieces. And it does not smell so it wouldn't stink up your workplace.


  • While we recommend printing Blu at temperature 25C or above, a heater is not required.
  • Please refer to the user guide for more detail.
  • Blu Clear requires slightly longer exposure time than Blu.
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