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E2CF Printer

E2CF Printer

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The E2CF is an IDEX 3D printer optimized for 3D printing carbon fiber reinforced filaments. This desktop 3D printer is great for manufacturing, prototyping and more. Carbon fiber reinforced filament has low density, high strength and resistance to corrosion, static electricity and high temperature.

It offers potential for a wide range of applications within industries that require significant strength-to-weight ratios in their solutions, such as aerospace and automotive. The E2CF is durable, easy to use, stable to use and delivers accurate prints.

Note: The Raise3D E2CF is not suitable for printing with standard materials such as PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG etc.

Features of the Raise3D E2CF

High durability nozzles

The new silicon carbide nozzles have excellent wear resistance and thermal conductivity, effectively reducing wear caused by the carbon fiber in the filament.

In the future, other nozzles suitable for carbon fiber printing will also be launched.



Dual Direct Drive Extrusion System

The gears are made of high hardness steel and have been heat treated for better wear resistance.

With a custom gear profile, the filament is held securely in place to ensure it doesn't slip during extrusion. The power of the system has been improved to ensure the stability of the printing.



Specially developed for printing with Carbon Fiber reinforced filament

The E2CF is a perfect match for Raise3D's industrial PA12 CF filament and support material. In the future, more carbon fiber reinforced filaments will be available for the E2CF, such as Raise3D's PPA CF, PET CF, PPS CF (with a printing temperature between 280-300ºC). Third-party filaments certified by the Raise3D Open Filament Program, such as BASF and LEHVOSS, will also be available for the E2CF at a later date.

Reinforced with short carbon fibers, the Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF filament exhibits excellent stiffness and strength, heat resistance, low warpage and low water absorption. In addition, this material has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and will achieve improved mechanical properties and dimensional stability after annealing. This makes it extremely suitable for replacing metal in the production of certain lightweight components.


Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Support Filament

Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Support Filament is a "break-away" support material specially developed for carbon fiber reinforced composite filaments. During the 3D printing process, it creates a stable support structure, which ensures good adhesion to printed surfaces and counteracts any tendency to warp. As such, it greatly improves the surface quality of the protrusions and cavities of the printed items.

After a print is completed, the support structure can be easily removed or detached from the printed parts. This support material has wide compatibility with many high performance carbon fiber reinforced composite filaments and is more cost effective compared to water soluble support material.


Raise3D Filament Dry Box

The built-in trays are used to place the filament and allow the material to flow more smoothly. When closed, they can effectively prevent dust and moisture from affecting the material, for a period of up to 30 days*. (*Based on Raise3D test data)




Carbon fiber composite materials have many applications, including functional prototypes, aerospace, automobiles, medical equipment, sports equipment, civil engineering, electronics and other fields.
It can also be used very well for a variety of applications, such as making fixtures in a mechanical workshop, prosthetics and custom bicycle frames.


High quality & easy to use

Professional 3D printers, such as the E2CF, are user-friendly, quality printers, designed with features to ensure the best possible printing results. For example, the E2CF has a flexible build plate, which allows for easy removal of 3D printed parts, while minimizing potential damage to the part during removal. It's features like the flexible build plate that make the E2CF an easy-to-use, entry-level industrial 3D printer for those looking to gain experience in professional 3D printing.


Car Bed Leveling

The E2CF has this leveling procedure as an automated feature. Automatic bed leveling maintains the distance between the print nozzles and the bed to create a uniform build area. This improves bed adhesion and allows the extruder to adapt to even the smallest surface contour changes for better final print quality.



The E2CF uses a camera to monitor the entire 3D printing process of each print job. This camera connects to RaiseCloud, allowing users to monitor any print job remotely and on the go. This ability to control the 3D printing process gives you peace of mind.

Safety features

Power Loss Recovery

A power outage or filament failure (when the filament runs out) can cause a print job to be lost if they occur in the middle of the 3D printing process. However, the E2CF has a filament sensor on its extruders to warn when the filament is low and the print job is being saved. It also has a power failure function to save the print status in the event of a power failure and can continue printing from the same point when power is restored.


Automatic detection

Another security feature of the E2CF is that it can automatically detect when a door is opened. This will pause printing immediately.

Other features of the Raise3D E2CF

Improved calibration accuracy

A new auxiliary process has been developed especially for fibre-reinforced materials to improve the accuracy of the nozzle height calibration, aid adhesion and improve the printing performance of the first layer.


Full metal frame

The all-metal frame acts as a reliable motion system for smooth movement and precise positioning for higher quality prints

High-quality 3D printing comes from high-quality 3D printers. The E2CF desktop 3D printer uses an all-metal frame to create a specific movement system that allows the machine to glide smoothly during printing. This motion system works with precise positioning to ensure 3D printing jobs are as accurate as possible.


HEPA Air filter

The updated HEPA air filtration removes toxic particles released during the 3D printing process.

The E2CF desktop 3D printer has HEPA air filtration to clean the air from all particles (including nanoparticles) released during the 3D printing process. The HEPA air filter works effectively in classrooms, offices and large or small workspaces. The E2CF's HEPA air filtration operates silently, specifically designed to work quietly in the background of any workspace.



7-inch touchscreen for efficiency and monitoring of the printing process with 3D printing software

This professional 3D printer also has a 7-inch touchscreen, which allows users to interact directly with the printer. The touchscreen also provides on-screen assistance and visual model selections to simplify operation and monitoring of the 3D printer and the 3D printing process. Finally, like all Raise3D 3D printers, the E2CF is compatible with ideaMaker, a 3D slicing program, and RaiseCloud, a cloud-based 3D print management platform.


Introduction movie


Specifications for: The new Raise3D E2CF IDEX carbon fiber 3D printer

  • TechnologieFused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
  • ExtrudersDual extruder (IDEX)
  • Interface7 inch full color touch screen
  • Build volume330x240x240mm (Single), 295x240x240mm (Dual)
  • Layer height 0.1 mm ~ 0.25 mm
  • Printsnelheid30 ~ 150 mm/s
  • Nozzle temperatuurmax 300 ºC
  • Platform temperature max 110ºC
  • Filament Support PA12 CF, PA12 CF Support, OFP Certified Third-Party CF Filaments
  • Nozzle diameter0.4/ 0.6/ 0.8mm
  • Filament diameter1.75 mm
  • ConnectivityUSB 2.0, WIFI, LAN
  • SoftwareideaMaker
  • Supported file typesSTL, OBJ
  • Dimensions607 × 596 × 465 mm
  • Weight32.4 kg
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