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Spectrum PLA Pro is a modified PLA filament specifically designed for 3D printing. Combining the benefits of PLA and ABS, it enables users to enjoy high impact and tensile resistance, plus excellent rigidity -all common to PLA-based materials. Additionally, its altered composition enhances flowability, making it suitable for industrial applications that require excellent mechanical properties and high printing speed to maximize the capacity of the additive manufacturing process.

Post annealing:
Filament PLA Pro can be treated at high temperature using a heating chamber. After the model crystallizes, it is characterized by increased thermal resistance (up to 85°C) and almost twice higher resistance than standard ABS.
*Uneven heating can lead to unexpected deformation and sub-optimal performance of printed parts, please ensure absence of hot / cold spots in the heating chamber. Typical time to anneal parts with a wall thickness of approx. 3.2mm is on average 20 minutes.

Key features:

  • good alternative for styrene-based materials
  • increased thermal resistance (up to 85°C) – post annealed
  • extremely high impact resistance as compared to classic materials based on PLA
  • impact resistance nearly 50% higher than classic ABS material)
  • high durability comparable to ABS prints
  • higher process capacity due to the possibility to increase the printing speed (as a consequence of improved flowability)
  • perfect side surface
  • better adhesion between layers allowing for smoother side surfaces
  • easy separation of the object from the bed


  • functional prototyping
  • tooling
  • concept and demo prototyping of designed finished and semi-finished products
  • industrial design
  • parts that require high impact strenght
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