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PrimaSelect PLA Satin

PrimaSelect PLA Satin

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Why should I use PrimaSELECT™ PLA?

  • Up to 12 times tougher than regular PLA
  • Very easy to print, even at low temperatures
  • Very small risks for warping
  • It´s biodegradable
  • No unpleasant smell

PrimaSELECT™ PLA is a very nice 3D Print material, it´s non-toxic and does not have unpleasant smell when printing with it. Because of its thermal characteristics, it is easy to get great prints.
Filament from PrimaFilaments comes on a transparent spool, which makes it easy to see how much filament remains on the spool.

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a biodegradable polymer made from lactic acid, which can be fermented from crops such as corn.

PrimaSELECT™ PLA has a slight shine to its appearance when the print is finished.

PrimaSELECT™ PLA also comes in a wide selection of beautiful and vivid colours with a nice appearance that are based on the RAL colour system which in turn guarantees that you get the same colour every time you order a new spool of filament.

With our new PrimaSELECT PLA we have succeeded in making a PLA that should suit most of your needs. PrimaSELECT PLA is a so called modified PLA and is about 12 times stronger than ordinary PLA, this is due to the impact modifier that has been mixed together with the best raw materials that has been carefully selected.

PrimaSELECT PLA feels a bit softer to the touch than regular PLA, it´s also more pliable which makes it perfect for all printers including printers with a Bowden set up.

The results are not far from amazing and the material is extremely strong with very good interlayer adhesion. This also opens up a new world for the use of PLA. Until now PLA has been brittle and not very strong but with this new product you can use it for applications that before you needed ABS for. Due to the very low shrinkage and the fact that you don´t need a heated bed PrimaSELECT PLA is very easy to use in all FDM/FFF printers. Warping is not a factor you have to consider if you use PrimaSELECT PLA and it will also not deform when your prints are done which is common among cheaper materials. The characteristics also makes the filament less prone to absorbing moister which is a huge leap forward and gives you a great benefit when it comes to storage. If your printer is equipped with a heated bed we recommend that you use a temperature setting of 40-60°C.

If you have a dual hot-end set up and are going to print with support we recommend that you use PVA that bonds well to our ABS and are easy to remove, PVA is even soluble in water.

PrimaSELECT PLA sticks on BuildTak or glass plate coated with adhesive spray or glue stick.

PrimaSELECT PLA is reeled on a transparent spool with 750 g of high quality filament. It´s packed in a sturdy box and packed with silica gel to avoid moister.

PrimaSELECT PLA are available in diameter sizes of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

Our state of the art factory is equipped with the latest in laser measuring technology to ensure that you will receive a spool of filament with a very tight diameter and roundness tolerance. This in turn makes for a filament that is compatible with most common printers on the market today.

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