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PrimaSelect Flex Rood

PrimaSelect Flex Rood

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PrimaSelect Flex – Flexible 3D printer filament

PrimaSELECTFlex is a new type of Thermoplastic Co-Polyester (TPC) with very rubber - like characteristics. This material is perfect when you need a strong, but still flexible filament. Our filament has a shore hardness of 45, which means that it´s rigid but still pliable.

Propriétés matérielles de PrimaSelect Flex :

  • High flexibility with a shore hardness of 45D
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • High UV resistance
  • Good heat resistance

High resilience and ductility

With PrimaSELECT Flex you produce objects that are stretchable and can withstand high stress, which no ABS or PLA can withstand. Another advantage of PrimaSELECT Flex is its high UV and chemical resistance. The material can be bent and stretched. It always returns to its original starting shape. In everyday life, we encounter this wonderful material mainly in cell phone cases.

It is ideal for additive manufacturing, where you need a high-performance material.

Flexible filament processing

PrimaSELECT Flex is best processed with a heated print bed, which is set to 90 - 100 °C.

We recommend you a 3D printing speed of 10-30 mm / s. A lower speed is preferable due to material flexibility.

Print bed adhesion

PrimaSELECT Flex adheres to BuildTak or glass panels coated with adhesive spray or glue stick.

Scope of delivery

PrimaSELECT Flex is delivered as high quality filament (500 g) wound on a transparent spool. It is packed in a sturdy box and comes with a dehumidifier to avoid moisture.

PrimaSELECT Flex is available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameters.

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