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Maintenance Set

Maintenance Set

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This CO2 laser machine maintenance package ensures the mechanical parts of your laser stay in working order.


  • Bio Cleaner: Contamination from vapors, dust and cutting residue enter the machine and accumulate in lubricants/grease, impacting machine performance. To maintain optimal performance, clean the machine monthly with a cloth or paper towel to remove the excess grease from guides, then use BIO CLEAN to inject the guides and any ballscrew with a moderate dose of liquid. Avoid use on mirrors/lenses and touch to electronic components. Clean with cloth that doesn't fluff, making sure the parts are free of grease/contamination before applying new grease.
  • Multi Cleaner: To keep your machine running optimally, regular cleaning is key. A well-maintained CO2 laser machine will work best and appear most pleasant. Clean your machine's smooth surfaces with MULTI CLEAN FOAM. Multiclean makes the inside and outside of your machine easy to clean. Take caution to only use the aerosol on smooth surfaces, and utilize a clean, dry cloth for wiping. You can also use Multi Clean Foam to clean mirrors and lenses.
  • Grease gun with EP2 lubricant/grease: Regularly replacing the grease is crucial for the machine to perform optimally. After cleaning, use the provided grease pump to apply fresh grease to the slide bearings and ballscrews. Remove the caps from either side, put in the grease cartridge in the pump, and spread with a finger or brush. Make sure not to get any grease on the electrical parts, mirrors, or lenses, as this will cause serious damage and malfunction of the machine!
  • Foam tips (10) and cleanroom tissues (10): Mirror and lens cleaning
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