Rent a 3D printer “try-before-you-buy”


The more people talk to us about 3D printing, the more it is clear that most people are very interested and might like to have a 3D printer but they all say they would like to try before the actually decide to buy one. Most people are intrigued by the endless possibilities that 3D printing has to offer but are afraid of the big unknown. That is why we have decided to offer you the possibility to rent a 3D printer for a limited time.


It is quite intriguing that you are able to create and print your own small tools, smart phone case and even toys for your children

Choose one from our available models for rent:

Zortrax M200

Zortrax M200 Plus

Wanhao I3 plus

Wanhao I3 mini

Wanhao D6


Why would you hire a 3D printer?

Avoid the risk that you buy the wrong 3D printer. Try before you buy!

You do not currently have the budget for a purchase or you want to determine what budget you will need.

You want to learn about this technology "hands on" so you are fully informed of the latest developments.

Ideal for a one-off project.

When hiring a 3D printer the package includes a PC with pre-installed software so that you can immediately get to work (depending on the printer)

Protect your creation or prototype by making it yourself. So, you do not share your files with others.

How much will this cost?

When hiring a 3D printer, we require a guarantee.  This varies, of course, depending on the printer you choose, between € 50 and € 300


The printers can be rented out per week.

We are asking rent for individuals and companies  You can rent for as little as € 50 / week for a Wanhao i3 mini.


Schools can get a 3D printer for free for up to one week per school. Transportation and material used will however be charged.

You can collect your printer free of charge. If we deliver a printer, we apply the rates of BPOST parcel service.

When you pick up the printer, you will receive, if desired, a brief explanation so that you can immediately get to work.

Additional services such as installation, training at your home are charged separately.
Contact us for more information.


With the printer, we supply a standard number of rolls of PLA and ABS. Consumption is charged by weight. The prices we charge are the same as mentioned on the website.
Specific materials and colors can be supplied on request.



Contact us now, so we can reserve a printer for you.