Training, workshop or demo

Whether you already have experience with 3D printing, or you want to know about the various aspects and possibilities of 3D printing. You can always come to us to learn all about 3D printing, in a really pleasant way.


Wondering whether your business would also benefit from getting started with 3D printing as soon as possible? 3D printing is already established  in many companies and provides unprecedented opportunities and solutions that your company can not only  save you money  but will also provide additional services to your customers.

I WANT A WORKSHOP in my company


For schools we provide customized training for both students and teachers passing through the entire workflow, from concept to product.

Currently, many educational institutions are orienting and preparing themselves to add 3D printing to their curriculum or have already done so.

Until recently, this technology was only reserved for privileged individuals and wealthy companies and institutions. Today the prices are so democratized that they are accessible to consumers and a must for education.

3D printing is the epitome of modern product development with engineering, mathematics, chemistry, crafts and creativity are spoken in the same breath. Within a few years the 3D printer will be as common as the smartphone and tablet today. offers a range of printers, scanners and accessories that will perfectly fit your budget and curriculum.

Our slogan is not without reason"Imagine it - 3D it!" 

Challenge yourself and your students to put theory into practice, to create in an unimaginative way. Can you resist this magical feeling? Create something on the PC and send it to the 3D printer and find your creation the next morning or the next period as the object back on the printer.

We offer among others the possibility to organize an initiation 3D printing for small groups of students (from 10 years), but also for teachers

The initiation will include the participants making their own 3D designs on their PC. During the course we shall also be highlighting the "printability" of the model and we explain how to recognize the potential pitfalls and avoid them
The students will then get to work with the printer.
Since 3D printing is still a fairly slow process, we can organize renting out a printer for a few days, so that each student can bring his or her creation to life.

Please contact us for a meeting or demo or come take a look at our website o or visit our Facebook page 

I WANT A WORKSHOP in my school 


You can also find an added value for your hobby iin 3D printing . For modeling you are no longer dependent on what is currently available on the market, but you can make just what you need including those pieces that are not commercially available iseperately but are so desperately needed to finish your model or to return it operational gain.


Do you want te see your artistic creations being born?
You restore old cars and you're missing that one piece or button. Why not it print?
You need a sprocket  and you cannot find it on the market? Print it.

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Introducing 3D printing

For this workshop, all you need is a laptop, we provide software and plenty of 3D printers. 
In this workshop, the following topics are covered:

  • What is 3D printing or additive manufacturing? A look at the past and future of 3D printen.
  • What do you need exactly, where can you get it? Software, hardware, filaments …
  • Where can you find a free 3D model on the Internet.
  • Which free 3D drawing programs are available and what is best for what I want to design?
  • Create an object of your choice which you can print yourself.
  • What is a “slicer” and how do you use it?
  • Which slicers are there?
  • Most commun materials used in printing FFF and their main characteristics
  • Print your creatie.
  • 3D scanning? Make a selfie?

Simplify3D for beginners:

In this workshop the following topics will be discussed:

  • Installing the software on Windows.
  • How do I configure my printer?
  • Explanation of the graphical user interface
  • What is the process and what do I do with it?
  • What are the basic settings in a process and how do I configure them?
  • Creating support structures an why.
  • Slicing and preview your print job.
  • Print

Simplify3D advanced:

In this workshop we go deeper into the advanced settings and processes:

  • What are the most common mistakes and how do I fix them?
  • Check your model for errors such as flipped triangels, non manifold triangels and other.
  • How do I print with 2 colours ?
  • Tips and tricks

Introduction to 3D drawing:

  •        An overview of the most widely used free CAD software.
  •        Download and installation of Designspark
  •        Explanation of the various functions of the user interface
  •        Make your first 3D drawing with Designspark
  •        Export your model to an STL file for your 3D printer


Associations and schools:

You may have a club event or an openday and you would like your visitors to be introduced to the unlimited possibilities of 3D printing.

Contact us and we will attend your event with our stand.

You may wish to organize a theme evening about 3D printeing. Contact us and we shall work out the perfect demo for you.